Mrs. Slaton’s Class Has a Visual Narrative Writing Lesson

Published on August 29, 2019 by

We were so excited to have a visit from Mrs. Bridget Matthews, our school system’s Nutritional Director, and Mrs. Tina Hudson, our school system’s Nutritional Coordinator to help us kick-off our Narrative Writing Unit. They brought in a “HUGE” watermelon and slices of watermelon for both Mrs. Barden’s and Mrs. Slaton’s classes. We talked about how big it was, what it looked like, and we even tried telling EVERYTHING about it. We decided it would be *really* hard to eat watermelon like this. We could cut into the watermelon to make it more manageable. Students decided that the cut watermelon was definitely more manageable to eat and talk about. We then made the connection that the HUGE watermelon was just like our “List Stories”. We talked that knowing what happened is very different than knowing all the details. We need to write about the small moments to include details in our narratives. We brainstormed a list of HUGE moments and then broke that down into smaller moments for us to write about. Learning and fun was had by all!


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